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Pastor Dusty Webb grew up in Amelia County, Virginia with two other siblings and a mom and dad who love Jesus greatly. He graduated from United In Christ Worldwide, Inc. School Of Ministry in 2013. Dusty served as a missionary to Mexico and South Texas, along with his wife, Jessica Webb, from 2008-2014.

In 2015, he and his family moved to his home town of Amelia to pastor Love Covenant Fellowship, alongside a committed team of people who work together in sharing the Gospel message and cultivating an atmosphere of worship and community.

Dusty is a pastor who believes as the church devotes itself to Jesus, discipleship, unity, the teaching of Scripture and the fellowship of believers, that healing, restoration, salvation, deliverance, freedom, and miracles will accompany, and the church will grow in spiritual health.

He shares God’s Word passionately with the purpose of leading people to the love and grace of God, and growing them together in a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ.

He and his wife, Jessica, have two children who they're crazy about. You can usually find Pastor Dusty at the local Mexican restaurant with jalapenos and hot sauce on everything.

Dusty & Jessica Webb

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